Wednesday, February 10

Monday, November 30

't Prinsepaard teamI produced by Nicky

a nice impression of maddness, the girls and boys of Team 1.

Tuesday, October 27

Making of: the set of the new lego star wars movie

We build a set for the next Star wars Stop motion Picture we are going to make. I could'nt wait to test it with some real lego figures.

Monday, October 19

'Impressie Prinsepaard' a slideshow with a filmfragment

The music I used for this slideshow is the same as used by the C-team in their free style vaulting kur. The filmfragment shows the kids doing push ups and dancing, the boys, Twan and Arthur are dancing as enthousiast as the girls. The slideshow makes me smile all the time I see it, because all the kids on the pics laugh and look happy. The slideshow is used as presentation on the comming gathering at Ermelo.

Thursday, October 15

Feller Buncher Blues

Today I have the Feller Buncher Blues. To ride this machine through the town of Eesveen and randomly cut some trees here and there! And, when they irritate me, trafficlights, lantern-posts, and other upright things.
Just grab what you see, zzzhhhiiiiing, and drop it. Yes, the Feller Buncher Blues!