Sunday, November 27

A one horse open sleigh

Danita, our good old Shetland Pony, loves to make a sleigh-ride with the kids. The children that come for Therapeutic Horseriding with Hellen are absolutely delighted to ride the sleigh. Twan loves to ride also, although he thinks he is almost to old to have this kind of kids fun. Climbing our mountain is the best part of the ride.

Monday, November 21


Here she is, "Willem", you can clearly see the resemblance to her father. Together with her three little brown brothers she is waiting for a new boss.

Wednesday, November 16

The Marine Equipment Trade Show

The METS in Amsterdam is the worlds leading show in Marine Equipment. On this show my title "Watersport Krant" is represented by BAAS. They are very busy selling the advertisements. I meet lots of people over here with new products to write about. Some amazing innovations are shown.

Sunday, November 13

The unknown father

Benno, my dog, became father of 9 young puppys. I didn't know, until yesterday. I visited Cor and found this nest of puppys, fel in love with one little cute pup and heard that my dog was responsable for the 9 little fellows. Now I have to deal with this deep feeling I suddenly got for this beautiful black and white lady with deep brown eyes. Oh my, Hellen doesn't like dogs at all, I had to fight for Benno, now I have to fight again. But now Twan and Nicky are on my side. We already have a name...

Tuesday, November 8

Why a phone shouldn't be used to take pictures

You press the button, but you didn't intend to shoot the picture. Sometimes you remeber the moment, like the day I wanted to take a picture while driving from behind the wheel.. Sometimes your kids mess around before a mirror. This one I don't remeber, but its obvious that it was taken on board the boat, as was this one, showing someones foot. The floor is always a fine subject for a picture, and the furniture or the waterhose in the stable. And last but not least, the out of focus and out of frame faces of people, mostley your narcistic daughter trying to make a self-portrait. For some stupid reason all these pictures are saved on my hard disk. Now they even made it to the internet!

Submission for the Alchera Project

Digitizing Rickie Lee Jones

One of my all times favorites is Rickie Lee Jones's number The last chance Texaco. I have started digitizing my old record collection and found this beautiful number between Jimmy Hendrix, Alice Cooper, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Pink Floyd. The Last chance texaco has this dreamy sound and beautiful lyrics. Now I can hear her on my I-pod. But something is missing, all the tics and hisses from the record are digitally cleaned and now it seems to smooth. I miss the clicks and pits.

I am an idiot...

Saturday, November 5

Muddy trails

Riding the ATB in the fall has more fun, everywhere muddy trails and no walking tourist crowds. A problem is the darkness. I almost got launched because I forgot the pole that closes off the road. Didn't have the light with me because I hate to use it and think I don't need it. How arrogant, yes, folks, that’s me, always overestimating myself, until I am launched to reality and find myself lying in the mud...