Friday, September 30

The Master and his Apprentices

The Master Carpenter overseeing his apprentices, Bart and Michel, and not on the picture: Sven, Robbin (with 2 B's), Twan, Jacco, and little Mart.
They all admired the wooden toys of Twan, that we brought as examples of what can be made by an attentive and diligent apprentice.
The Master works as a volunteer in the communicty centre. As usual all the doors where locked and nobody knew where to find the keys and the (well-payed) social worker that would be there to open the door wasn't there.

Wednesday, September 28

A horse and a wife...

A horse and a wife,
a fork and a knife,
thats the way you spell real life, ride on...

or was it

a knife a fork
a bottle and a cork
thats the way you spell New York?

With this cocaine running around my brain
I realy dont know what I meant to say with this picture
Salvador Dali climbing the step-ladder to
paint one of his light paintings perhaps?

Or is it Bert Strootman trying to make the picture that will win a prize?
Or is it Bert, just doing his job,
taking pictures for MIDI, a famous dutch magazine?

This is the result, a horse and a wife, thats real life, ride on...

Tuesday, September 27

Trampling the green garbage container

Sometimes weight can be usefull. In our town the garbage is seperated in a green and a grey container, the green for compostable waist, the grey for the rest. The man and the dog are not to be waisted, they just ad their weight to compact the green litter. The dog jumps in on command. He would jump anywhere, if I tell him to. He loves jumping on haystacks, on trailers, anywhere. Now I mention the dog, he is on 4 out of 10 pictures.

Monday, September 26


I am afraid of heights. Hitchcock's film "Vertigo" came out in 1958, my year of birth, maybe thats the reason. I hate climbing up the scaffold to fix and paint the gutter. The view is beautifull, but I dont care about that. All I feel is this sinking feeling in my gut, this vertigo.
And why do people walking and cycling by feel the need to shout things only they think are funny?

On the cyclepath downunder they pass, shouting their wits to me, while I am clamping to the scaffold and paint the gutter.

Sunday, September 25


Water kills our house. Through this broken tile, the crack not visible from the ground, water dripped on the woorden roof underneath, dripping and trickling further on the planks of the gutter and soaking everything.
This is the result, after removing all the rotten wood, a beautifull hole.
This means a challenge for GUTTERMAN! And there he is, on his scaffold, the one and only gutterman in his beautifull white coverall! Can you fix our gutter GUTTERMAN?

Monday, September 19

Corrections by fax...

The faxmachine became obsolete when internet and e-mail was used by almost everybody. But still, the fax is used by some people so, I keep it in order. This week I recieved almost 40 metres of fax, containing all the pages with written corrections of the book I worked on.
Thisis whats left, a box of paper and several empty beercans.

Saturday, September 17

Long time no see...

Hi guy's, its getting darker and so we get inside earlier. We worked very hard here. Got a new horse, got a new piece of gras land that needed attention, the voltige team won the third prize in the National Championship, that meant a lot off work too. I finished two books and started writing another. So, we where pretty buzy this summer. Oh yes, we have sailed two weeks and had a lot of fun.

But now, back again on the internet, hope I will find the time to write and work on the blog.