Monday, November 10

The lighthouse of Breskens

I created this apocalyptic view of the Lighthouse of Breskens for Peters Museum on his Blog.

With the picture goes the next text:

De zee was niet meer

Gebroken sta ik hier
Aan verwaaide vloedlijn
Het water is vergeten
want de zee was niet meer

geen mens of dier
ziet nog mijn lichtenschijn
oude raderwerk versleten
want de zee was niet meer

ach mens waar is uw stem
de zee rolt niet meer aan het strand

waar is het nieuwe Jeruzalem?
Er is alleen maar brandend zand.

En ik zag een nieuwen hemel en een nieuwe aarde; want de eerste hemel, en de eerste aarde was voorbijgegaan, en de zee was niet meer.
openbaringen 21.


The sea was no more

Broken here I stand
high-water line long blown away
teh water long forgotten
cause the sea was no more

no man nor beast
sees my light to shine
old turningwheels wore out
cause the sea was no more

Ooh man where is your voice
the sea no longer washes the shore

where is the new Jerusalem?
there is burning sand, no more.

I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth have passed away, and the sea was no more.
Revalations 21.

I never liked the idea that the sea had to dissapear for the new Jerusalem to come down out of heaven!

Saturday, September 27

My first flight

I had my first gliderflight in Hoogeveen. Michiel was my instructor and he learned me to fly my first turns. It was a great experience and in the spring of next year I will star my lessons for my license.

Sunday, September 7


Having coffe in Denmark. The hotel where we have coffee is over 500 years old. The Danish are very friendly people and they served an excelent apple pie. Danmark is member of the European Union, but they still have their old money, you have ot pay in Kroner, Euro's are not accepted. Very strange, since we are used to the Euro and the convenience of paying everyuwhere in the same currency. The Danes and the English are the only Europeans still not using the Euro.

Thursday, September 4

Sailing another small boat

With my good friend John I sailed this tiny little boat from Lauwersoog to Ameland and back. It was a wonderfull trip with excelent weather, lots of seals, and perfect wind conditions. We had a fine dinner on the Island and a few Palm bears.

Thursday, August 28

The man and his horse

A real man needs to have a horse. On this picture you can see me standing on our land with the horses on the background. Horses give me a lot of work each day, but I begin to appreciate them more and more. Our new horse, Sartre, is a male. He was castrated, so he is a gelding, but still he has male manners. He is big and clumsy, and makes a mess of his stable. But when you bring him his hey, he has this very sweet tender voice when he whinnyes. Rockhard outside, but sof and tender inside, just like his boss.