Friday, March 10

Removing a tumor

Danita, our oldest and wisest Shetland pony had a little tumor, right in her armpit, exactly the place of the surcingle. This caused little wounds and irritations, so the tumor had to be removed.
The normal procedure is to give the horse a light anaesthetic that puts the horse in a light standing sleep, and than the local anaesthetic is given. We asked the veterinary to use just the local anaesthetic, because we lost the foal of Danita, Okkie, a few years ago, in a light operation (he was castrated). The foal died because of an allergic shock when he got the light total anaesthetic. We didn’t want this to happen to Danita also! She always behaves very well and we trusted her to stand still and be good. And so she did!
She was very brave and didn’t move a muscle when the vet cut out this big hole, removed the tumor and stitched the wound. The vet did an excellent job, he used five stitches and sprayed a gay silver wound spray over it as a fishing touch.

Monday, March 6

Boat Shows

Four weeks of boats hows, finally the end. This morning I unloaded the last stuff and started my normal life again. I think I gained a few pounds of weight, I didn't make it to the scales yet. It tears you appart this work, all day talking to people in a noisy and busy exhibition hall. No time to ride my bike, no time to eat properly, not enough sleep. I feel I need a break, I have to become clean again inside, mind and body. Always wearing the suit
, I was happy to put on my boots this morning. But it was very rewarding to be there, I met lots of good people, customers, heard a lot of news, rumours and gossip, so there is a lot to write about.