Monday, May 23

it runs again

It runs again, yes, I put in another engine, because the old one could not be fixed. It runs again, better than ever! I got help from Cor and from Niek. It went in faster than it came out.

Tuesday, May 3

Use what you have

My father was a shoemaker and he learned me to use the tools and the materials you have to fix something. In every odd-job we did he used a little piece of leather. Not intentionaly, but just because it was always at hand. Now I am a publisher, I make newspapers, so why use wooden blocks when there are plenty packs of unused newspapers to stuff under the car? I want to overhaul the engine of my van because the distributionbelt broke and some valves are bend. The engine comes out downunder the car, so the car has to go up. With lots of packs of newspapers and a hydraulic jack the engine came out.