Saturday, March 26

follow the coffee cups

Coffee cups are everywhere. A coffee cup without coffee gets lost in its environment. I followed a trail today, starting in my office, then walking to the workbench in the barn(I cleared it later today...), following the coffee trail into the haybarn, the parked car and then going outside on the table. I counted eight coffee cups and two paper cups.

Friday, March 25

a villanelle poem

the alchera project provoked me to write this poem, its a villanelle and has a peculiar scheme. Thomas Dylan wrote the example.

Do not look the way you look at me
I can‘t resist your golden eyes
Love and passion is what I see.

I thought you would let me free
But again you caught me by surprise
Do not look the way you look at me

Our love wasn’t meant to be
Emotion still in disguise
Love and passion is what I see.

These tears I shed for thee
And all them other guys
Do not look the way you look at me

Your sparkling golden plea
There’s only my deny‘s
Love and passion is what I see.

Returning to the eternal sea
I should do what‘s wise
Do not look the way you look at me
Love and passion is what I see.

Thursday, March 24

Things I love on double alphabetical order

The Alchera Project nr 32,

Amazing Asimov stories & American Apple Pie
Bottles of Beerenburg & Beautifull Breasts
Charlie Chaplin & Charlie “Chuck” Brown
Double Dutch & Dwight Dillan
Emerald Eyes & Easy Entertainment
Fist Fucking & First Flare of daylight
Gently Golfing & Gay Guys
Holliday Inn Hotels & Happy Hour
Indecent Instincts & Independent Indians
John John (Hotel New Hampshire) & my new JOJO
Ketchup Kisses & Kinky Kilt wearing Knights
Lost Lovers & Lucky Luke
Micky Mouse & Mister Minute
Nerd Nephew & Negative Neighbour
Ophra Offcourse & Offshore Ocean sailing
Pink Panther & Pied Piper
Quantitys of Quarks & a Queer drag Queen
Row Regattas & Reputable Rum
Safe Sex & Suck Stiff Studs
Tasty Toes & Tattoo Tom
Undress Uniformed men & Unseen Unicorns
Verbal Ventures & Velvet Vanity
Whisky Without Water & Water With Whiskey
Xtra Xtasy & Xmas Xylograph
Yibbedy Yabbedy folks & Yab Yum
Za Zen & Zip naughty Zippers

This is the first assignment I make for the Alchera project. Things tend to get real kinky and drinky, I dont know what this means...

Wednesday, March 23

The perfect voltige photo

Sometimes it happens, you make the perfect photo, just the one you intended to make! Nicky needed some photographs for her personal project on school, the project she is doing is about her favourite sport, voltige. Here you see Nicky, Milou and Hellen working with the horse Zazi. Milou and Nicky form together the first competition team of "het Prinsepaard". On the second picture you see them together on the horse. The picture of Nicky performing solo is perfect. She does the excercise perfect, very tight muscles and very straight body, and the picture just catches the highest moment.

Monday, March 21

Playing in the first spring-sun

Nicky and Twan playing in the gras, the first spring sunshine, a place out of the wind. A beautifull sight for a proud father. They can play very peacefully and here they are playing with barbies and bionicles. Twan is growing up very fast and Nicky is on high school in the first grade, so she also grows mentaly and phisicaly very fast. But here, in the sun, they play as the little kids they realy still are. A realy touching scene.

Sunday, March 20

Twin peaks, alwayes loved the tune, this is me in the series

Audrey Horne
You are Audrey Horne. You're spoiled and
manipulative, but you're also whip-smart and
indomitable. You always get your way, even if
you first have to get into deep trouble. You
are so feisty and independent that you like to
think you need no one -- unless, of course, you
WANT them -- but in fact, what you really need
is good sex.

Thanks to Wil

Which Twin Peaks character are you?
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Friday, March 18

Snowdrops in our garden

Snowdrops and crocusses are always the first to blossum. I always wonder how they know when to start. And the most wonderfull part of it is that they start in the whole country the same time, as if they recieved a call or agreed a date.
Maybe we recieve also that kind of calls, but cant hear them anymore. Or we dont want to give in. Maybe it says, oke, stop what you are doing right now and go sit in the sun, blossum! And then we look out of the window and think, O Yeah, lets go sit outside in the sun, but no, work comes first.
O, what the F... The sun is shining, I am out of here...

Thursday, March 17

Zen and the art of Bicycle Maintenance

Robert Pirsig wrote one book that realy matters, his first. It contains the painfull truth about how to deal with your daily shit, like bicycles that get flat tyres, break cables, cars that break down, and all that stuff. Unfortunally I deal with these things first and then realise that I should have done it better, the way Pirsig described, and not the way I use to deal with shit, with a temper, growling and stressed because it always happens (yes, shit happens) when you dont expect it. The right state of mind, the right attitude. When I realy should have it, I dont. When reading the books, when writing haiku, then its easy, but when you are confronted with the next flat tyre, well, you know what I am talking about...

Monday, March 14

Bigger pictures, bigger drawings.

People want to see more and I recieved various requests for bigger pictures on this bloq. Oke, your wish is my demand. Just click on the picture and 'plop', there it is, its almost like magic, or do you think this is all just normal, only the right tag and nothing more? I think its almost magic, that everybody on this planet with a connection with the internet is capable to do what you just did.

On the picture you can see that we are used to big. Twan made this drawing and it grew bigger and bigger. Draglines, cranes, more draglines, more cranes. The result is almost 2,5 meters long and it hangs above our dining table.

Sunday, March 13

giant icicles

On the roofedge of the barn they hang, giant icicles, almost one meter long. You cant break them off, because then you damage the thatch roof. I used to lik them when I was a little kid. Now I just let them hang until the thaw is setting in. Today actualy they are all gone already. Now I regret it that I didnt lik any of them.

Friday, March 11

Japanese Garden in the snow

This is how my Japanese garden looked like last year. As a Japanese garden should look, snow on the bambu leaves, a moment of eternal beauty, the experience of the moment of Now. This year they overdone it. This is no garden anymore, its just a lot of snow. I wonder what Basho would have said to this.