Monday, August 31

Worried about the swallows

I am worried about the swallows. They have a second nest, the little chicks are still in the nest. Will they make it when everyone goes to the south? I doubt it, their is so little time to grow some fat. A little tragedy is unfolding in my barn. It took me six foto's to catch the swallow, they are very quick and don't like it when you stare at the nest.

Sunday, August 30

When the dollar falls...

Just finished reading the book 'When the dollar falls...' A realy shocking book about the manipulations of bankers, governments and presidents. Everybody who has savings on the bank should read this book and be aware of the risk of losing their money.

Friday, August 28

Eating Lobster

Nicky had her first lobster in IJmuiden, Twan and I joined her, together we had a very tasty meal. We selected the lobster in a tank and then the cook boiled it and our brown lobster became pink. It was very good, but a little messy.

Thursday, August 27

Vaulting Camp

This weekend we organised a vaulting camp, the kids trained on the steel horse, the real horse and did some power training. They invented this dance 'do the workout' in which they did 20 push ups on the chorus of the song, counting out loud from 1 to 20. It was great fun to see them dance so spontanously. See more pics on

Tuesday, August 25

Our new Tractor

Our new tractor is a Leyland, it has 70 horsepower and is well equiped with hydraulics on the rear and on the front. It has a frontloader to pick up the huge bales of hay we use, they weigh almost 300 kg.