Monday, November 30

't Prinsepaard teamI produced by Nicky

a nice impression of maddness, the girls and boys of Team 1.

Tuesday, October 27

Making of: the set of the new lego star wars movie

We build a set for the next Star wars Stop motion Picture we are going to make. I could'nt wait to test it with some real lego figures.

Monday, October 19

'Impressie Prinsepaard' a slideshow with a filmfragment

The music I used for this slideshow is the same as used by the C-team in their free style vaulting kur. The filmfragment shows the kids doing push ups and dancing, the boys, Twan and Arthur are dancing as enthousiast as the girls. The slideshow makes me smile all the time I see it, because all the kids on the pics laugh and look happy. The slideshow is used as presentation on the comming gathering at Ermelo.

Thursday, October 15

Feller Buncher Blues

Today I have the Feller Buncher Blues. To ride this machine through the town of Eesveen and randomly cut some trees here and there! And, when they irritate me, trafficlights, lantern-posts, and other upright things.
Just grab what you see, zzzhhhiiiiing, and drop it. Yes, the Feller Buncher Blues!

Tuesday, October 13

Vaulting in Lunteren

Sunday was a long day. Up at 0700, feeding the horses. 0730 two horses loaded on the trailer, engine started at 0735, on the road to Lunteren with two horses, five kids, Hellen the trainer and Gerrit the driver. 09.30 arrived at Lunteren, a very nice riding-school. The rest of the kids arrived at 10.00, in total seventeen kids and about ten parents. Nicky and Twan started in the solo class, nicky in the C-class, Twan in the Junior-class. They performed very well, Twan earned the first of two points necessary for the qualification for the National Championship, he was very proud. On the (underexposed) picture you see him performing his handstand. He ended fourth out of twelve.
Next were the eight kids of the C-team. They started with their compulsory exercises and later on that day they performed an excelent free exercise and won the first prize in their class. The two E-teams also performed very well, they won the first and second prize in their class. 1800 all prizes were collected and the kids and horses were loaded again. 2030 the horses were unloaded and taken care of. 2100 we sat down and relaxed. A very well spend day!

Saturday, September 26

WILLEM HENDRIK ZWART (1995) "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott"

Played on the organ in the Bovenkerk in Kampen. Watch him check his sheetmusic while playing and the work of his feet on the feetregister. Sometimes I need the power of organmusic while I am working.

Wednesday, September 23

Great ancestors

This Portrait-painting and the photo show a remarcable resemblance to eachother. The painting shows sergeant Gerrit 'the red butcher' Boschman, he was sergeant in the famous 'Rooifonteyn Garde' in the South African Boeren Army. The photo shows Gerrit 'red beard' Bosman, standing on the deck of the good ship 'Libertyn' on the Baltic Sea near Denmark. Somehow there is a strange flow of energy between the two. Where is my sable, I feel the need for a nice cut, there's a sabre-rattling in the air.

Sunday, September 20

Flying at Hoogeveen Airport

This is the Schleicher ASK-21, the twinseater used as the main trainingsplane at the flightclub hoogeveen ( The plain is 21 years old, but still very good.
I flew saturday in Hoogeveen with nice weather. Getting my Gliders Pilot Licence is very time consuming, three flights on a day is the average. In Hoogeveen the planes are town up on a cable behind a motorplane to a hight of 1200 ft or 450 mtrs. That alows a longer flight than a cable start. To get your licence you need at least 100 flights, that is 35 days on the airfield. 

Thursday, September 17

Schooieren in Velsen Noord

A you tube slide show, it shows Velsen Noord, the town I was born. The audio background, a cynical read bible study that reminds me of the christian reformed church we used to got to.

Wednesday, September 16

Learn how to fly...

The vaulting teams made pictures for the new web site when suddenly gravity dissappeared! We almost lost the team. Now we understand where our cow has gone last year. We definitly have an abnormality in our meadow. It might be a gate to another universe!

Friday, September 11

A horse for the new website

The newe website is online. I made an new image of the logo, its an animated gif file, the horse's manes and the gras wave in the wind, the man strokes the horse. I also made an icon that appears before the adress. Want to see?

Sunday, September 6

Deep Purple - when a blind man Cries Video

I have used this song in my new book. Chip plays it on the carrilon, as a message to his friend Sander. When Tom finds out what the lyrics are he wonders what Chip wanted to say with it. The well known carrilon player Auke de Boer is going to play the song on his carrilon in Groningen.

Tuesday, September 1

My dog loves the smell of gasoil...

My dog Benno loves everything on wheels. He lookes a bit weird on the second pic, but he seemes to like it in the tractor, he has only a tine little place to sit.

Monday, August 31

Worried about the swallows

I am worried about the swallows. They have a second nest, the little chicks are still in the nest. Will they make it when everyone goes to the south? I doubt it, their is so little time to grow some fat. A little tragedy is unfolding in my barn. It took me six foto's to catch the swallow, they are very quick and don't like it when you stare at the nest.

Sunday, August 30

When the dollar falls...

Just finished reading the book 'When the dollar falls...' A realy shocking book about the manipulations of bankers, governments and presidents. Everybody who has savings on the bank should read this book and be aware of the risk of losing their money.

Friday, August 28

Eating Lobster

Nicky had her first lobster in IJmuiden, Twan and I joined her, together we had a very tasty meal. We selected the lobster in a tank and then the cook boiled it and our brown lobster became pink. It was very good, but a little messy.

Thursday, August 27

Vaulting Camp

This weekend we organised a vaulting camp, the kids trained on the steel horse, the real horse and did some power training. They invented this dance 'do the workout' in which they did 20 push ups on the chorus of the song, counting out loud from 1 to 20. It was great fun to see them dance so spontanously. See more pics on

Tuesday, August 25

Our new Tractor

Our new tractor is a Leyland, it has 70 horsepower and is well equiped with hydraulics on the rear and on the front. It has a frontloader to pick up the huge bales of hay we use, they weigh almost 300 kg.